Attack on the “writing community

The new spelling rules become binding in schools, while a lower saxony court rules in favor of an opponent of the reform

After ten years of dispute, parts of the spelling reform became binding in schools at the beginning of august. In mid-september, however, the upper administrative court of lower saxony, which is critical of the reform, had the final say, granting an eleventh-grader the right to be taught according to the old rules. The ruling once again documents the course of the front in an absurd culture war.

On 1. August 2005, the combatants were exhausted. After ten years of intense struggle, the spelling reform was passed with very little fanfare. In the schools of fourteen german states, parts of the new rules have since been accepted as the only correct ones. In north rhine-westphalia and bavaria, a transitional system is still in force, while a state council for german spelling is making final corrections to the rules. Nevertheless, it can hardly be doubted that the new spelling rules will very soon have sole validity in the whole of and in the schools of all germany.

When the object cried out

A year ago, women were tweeting massive experiences of sexism: #outcry. The impressive display of swarm intelligence had an impact – but sexism in crude media is still commonplace

A year ago, perhaps the widest debate ever held in germany seriously about sexism began. Sexism could be defined narrowly as gender-specific discrimination, and such things are discussed everywhere (women’s quota in companies, demand for girls, etc.).), because no human capital potential should be lost.

However, the term has, in german perhaps even more than in other languages, a further connotation: sex. Thus, it usually refers to degradations that are sexual in nature. People are treated as sex objects because of their sex and, what is usually forgotten, their appearance. And grammatically speaking, an object, as most people probably remember from their german lessons, is passive, while the subject is active, the main person.

Austria: right-wing populism in free fall?

Jorg haider has had his day for the time being. But his fpo still managed to stabilize itself

A coup by grassroots officials led to the resignation of the fpo vice chancellor and parts of her government team in early september. According to the latest polls, only twelve percent of austrians voted for the right-wing populist party. But these are only snapshots. Christoph hofinger of the vienna-based institute for social research and analysis suspects that a newly unified fpo could even reach as high as 20 percent in the upcoming elections.

Jorg haider has given it. Jorg haider has taken it. A flashback: in 1999, the fpo came in at 27 percent in the polls, just ahead of the conservatives (ovp ). The strongest party at the time, spo , was forced onto the opposition bench, the ovp provided the chancellor. Due to public prere, haider renounced a role in federal politics and elevated his confidant susanne riess-passer to the vice-chancellor’s chair. Despite the frequent changes of ministers, the fpo government presented itself as pragmatic and statist. The "little man" soon felt betrayed.

Algeria: no compromises in the fight against terrorists…

…If necessary also at the price of collateral damage. The action of the algerian army against the hostage-takers in ain amenas shows how the french military operation in mali develops into a multi-front war

The situation at bp’s ain amenas natural gas facility has not been resolved. The algerian army apparently failed to take control of the compound yesterday, with hostage-takers still reportedly occupying parts of the facility and holding hostages. The algerian army was brutal in its operation (45 foreigners and 150 algerian staff hostage). The exact number of dead among the hostages and the jihadists is not known. The range of figures differs considerably, not only in terms of the number of dead, but also hostages.

The algerian news agency reported 600 hostages in the meantime, mainly algerians. The number of western hostages, the focus of western reporting, is unclear, as is the number of western hostages killed-currently, news agencies report over 30 dead among the hostages. The number of hostages who escaped is also unclear.

Of the pleasure or misery of sex with dolls or machines

Of the pleasure or misery of sex with dolls or machines

Telepolis-salon: disagreement about what and if sex with artificial partners opens a new chapter in the history of relationships

The telepolis salon sexbots: new forms of love, or just the old lust for masturbation after all? Was an interesting evening, far from a shared perspective on the nature and consequences of increasingly perfect sex dolls and machines, of course, but one that drew out a lively discussion. Especially the confrontation between manfred scholand, a leading handler of advanced sex dolls (rs-dolls), and the academic perspective represented by barbara vinken and klaus benesch (s.A. His contribution: maschinenliebe), proved to be hardly surmountable, but the more productive.

Manfred scholand of rs-dolls offers what is desired by a part of the people who otherwise would have "no access to sex" has, as he says. These are not only disabled people or men whose wives are happy to forego sex, but also many men who quickly seek satisfaction of needs without being able or willing to engage in relationships with the opposite sex. While men are looking for artificial sexual partners as much as possible, women seem to be using not only vibrators etc., but also other devices. There are apparently also trivial technical problems with male sex robots and the female body, which is why they are not selling so well.

In the spd the scramble for the chancellor candidate begins

Who will ultimately win also depends on who is already strategically positioning himself the most wisely

If someone wants to become chancellor, it pays to wear down his fiercest rivals well in advance. This, or something similar, could be used to describe what is currently going on in the spd. It is true that there is an agreement within the party that "k question" only after the state elections in lower saxony in january. But it is obvious that each of the aspirants already wants to bring his troops into position today. There is no other way to explain why the k-question is suddenly being put back on the table and why a dedicated steinbruck supporter is suddenly becoming a steinmeier fan.

On sunday, torsten albig (spd), minister president of schleswig-holstein, loved to drop the bombshell. In the frankfurter allgemeine sonntagszeitung (fas), he said that frank-walter steinmeier was "a strong leadership personality" and had done a great job as parliamentary party leader: "he would be a good chancellor for our country." a statement that caused quite a bit of confusion within the spd. Until now, albig was seen in the party more as a steinbruck supporter. He served the ex-finance minister for a long time as a ministry spokesman and was considered his close confidant.

Molecular biology, research and supercomputers

Celera, compaq and sandia form an alliance symbolic of the future

In this cooperation, our future comes together perhaps symbolically: three areas that merge and that are innovation markets. Compaq, celera and sandia national laboratories, which means hardware, bioinformatics and software, but also computers, biotechnology and military research. This collaboration is intended to develop the next generation of software and hardware needed to meet the huge computing needs of the life sciences and bio-commerce industries.

Shortly before the end of his term in office, energy minister bill richardson was able to launch the seminal project. The next stage of the "biotechnological revolution", which began with the human genome project, will be further strengthened by the successful combination of molecular "successful combination of molecular biology and high-performance computer science" .

Could the bundeswehr alleviate the enforcement deficit in residence terminations??

Government discusses use of transall aircraft for jerk transport of rejected asylum seekers

The german government has responded to a report by the image-newspaper to discuss the use of transall aircraft by the german armed forces to reduce the enforcement deficit in terminating the stay of rejected asylum seekers. Until now, such terminations of stay have been carried out by scheduled flights (and less frequently by charter flights). If people who are obliged to leave the country riot during such transports, they may be able to delay their deportation if airlines, pilots or stewardesses refuse to take these passengers on board. Because of this problem, the use of military aircraft has been debated in austria since june.

According to the german central register of foreigners (azr), at the end of last month there were about 193.500 rejected asylum seekers "were subject to an enforceable obligation to leave the country" – almost 40.000 more than at the end of last year. By the end of august, about 21,000.000 rejected asylum seekers left the country voluntarily. A further 11.522 were deported. The remainder are repeatedly ied new tolerations every three or six months, because the authorities are far from being able to keep up with the number of measures to terminate their residence permits.

Murderous working conditions and individual acts of desperation

More suicide attempts by france telecom employees

Yesterday, an employee was found in metz, unconscious from an overdose of barbiturates, a suicide attempt, it is reported.Closer information wanted the management of france telecom did not want to give further details yet. In the official statement it is said that exactly what was feared most happened: a contagion effect. The absolute priority since friday has been to end this deadly spiral.

Last friday, a telecom employee in paris threw herself out of a window; she later died of her serious injuries. The wednesday before, a telecom technician tried to kill himself during a staff meeting. With a knife he plunged into his stomach.

Standby devices: brussel wants more efficiency

… But there is no money for the control

The eu’s ecodesign directive is intended to increase the energy efficiency of electrical and electronic equipment, at least on paper. Whether the limits are actually met in practice is another matter. Verification is a matter for the member states and, in germany, a task for the federal states.

However, the federal states and the authorities selected by them simply do not have the money for consistent market monitoring. Which manufacturer or importer is checked in detail is determined by the konigsteiner schlussel, which is also being used these days for the distribution of asylum seekers. The konigsteiner schlussel is based on the simple motto that where there is a lot, there must be a lot: the higher the population density and tax revenue, the stronger and more comprehensive the market surveillance will be. Neither the population density nor the tax revenue provide any useful help in determining where the relevant suppliers are located whose products should be investigated.