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Call for entries: Surveillance Studies Prize 2016

NSA, BND, data protection in the anti-doping law, the new data retention, the anti-spy agreement with the U.S.A. – topics that have to do with surveillance and control have become part of everyday news life. And this seems to be the case in the near future as well.

Public, critical and differentiated reporting is important for society as well as for science. New revelations do not solve permanent topics such as video surveillance, biometrics or customer cards, but only add further dimensions. For a long time, it has been about more than just the fear of how Google or Facebook deal with our data, how glassy the owner of a customer card becomes or how extensively video surveillance can be organized.

It is also about how power and domination will be organized and controlled in a digital future, as new concepts, techniques and devices are increasingly being introduced under the headings Industry 4.0, smart cities, smart homes or wearable computing are finding their way into everyday life and the world of work.

That is why the Surveillance Studies Prize for Journalists is dedicated to these very topics – surveillance and control. The award aims to call for outstanding reporting on this subject area and to draw attention to its relevance.

Prize-worthy contributions should generate new knowledge in their presentation and/or refer to the current state of scientific research. We want reports that go beyond common cliches (Big Brother, evil data octopi, etc.).), who ask questions and who find good, generally understandable and sophisticated forms of presentation for the complex topic of surveillance.

The prize will be awarded for the fourth time in 2016. In the jury, scientists and journalists judge the submitted competition entries together, because the topic needs interdisciplinary exchange. The prize is to provide a platform for this understanding.

As a sponsor for the prize money, the online magazine Telepolis is involved as a cooperation partner, as it was last year.

Conditions of participation


Journalistic contributions of all media genres can be submitted:

  • TV/Film (DVD and broadcast script),
  • Radio (mp3 and broadcast script),
  • Online media (pdf file of the website incl. link; for interactive offers link + description of the offer) as well as
  • Press (expression and .pdf file).

All submissions must be accompanied by an abstract of the article of max. 100 words must be enclosed. All files must be attached to the work on standard data carriers (such as CD/DVD).

Date of publication

The contribution must not be older than 12 months at the deadline, so it must be after 15.9.2014 have been published.

Place of publication

The article must have appeared in a German-language medium. Other documents to be submitted: short curriculum vitae


The prize money is 1.000 euros. The prize will be awarded at an official award ceremony in Hamburg in January 2016.

Deadline for sending applications is 15. September 2015.

Submissions to:

Dr. Nils Zurawski University of Hamburg Institute for Criminological Social Research Allende-Platz 1 20146 Hamburg or by email to: [email protected]

This also applies to all questions and information. The legal process is excluded! Winners will be informed as soon as the jury has met.

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