Conspiracy with backers?

Execution of Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh delayed by evidence withheld by US Federal Bureau of Investigation

It was already as good as dead. The right-wing terrorist who was sentenced to death on 19 September. The man who killed 168 people in a bomb attack on a high-rise building in Oklahoma City on April 1, 1995, has been given another reprieve. Thousands of trial documents that McVeigh’s attorneys had not received during the trial due to flaws in the FBI’s internal organization led to a stay of execution until 11. June. But even that date could fall through in the face of new doubts about the federal police’s search methods. There may still be a chance to avert the sentence.

Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh lives. And crazed Death Row fans, who have been anticipating live images of his execution on 16. The death row inmates had been looking forward to the May 16 execution, which was to be broadcast on television and the Internet at the death row inmate’s own request (cf.Crack-proof media event?), can blame the U.S. federal police for their frustration.

In December 2000, it was discovered for the first time that several thousand documents collected by the FBI during its investigation had not been made available to McVeigh’s lawyers. In January 2001, when all the search material was sent to the central archives in Oklahoma City that had been created for the case, the archivists there again noticed that a smaller portion had never been forwarded to the defendant’s defense. In all, the FBI failed to turn over more than 3,000 pages of evidence, including photographs, audio tapes and letters, to defense attorneys. Since it could not be ruled out a priori that new trial evidence might emerge from the missing trial documents, Attorney General John Ashcroft therefore postponed McVeigh’s execution until the 11th hour.06.2001 postponed. Meanwhile, the death row inmate’s attorneys are reviewing the files for a chance to avert sentencing after all. Government investigators have also only now been given access to these documents.

Spokesmen for the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation have so far been unable to provide a plausible explanation for the strange sloppiness on the part of the investigators. Possibly the conversion of the EDP in the FBI to a new system played a role. According to the FBI, a certain percentage of documents could have fallen under the table during the digitalization and storage of process-relevant documents in special databases. Strangely, the bulk of the withheld files refer to evidence of possible other accomplices of McVeigh besides his accomplice Terry Nichols. The taking of evidence had not yielded any definite findings about other persons involved in the terrorist attack. Nevertheless, after the FBI breakdowns, considerable doubts are now being raised about the correct course of the years-long investigation and the criminal trial. On the one hand there had been witness statements, which wanted to have seen McVeigh with several companions at the crime scene. And The Independent newspaper made public an internal FBI memo by special agent Thomas Ravenelle, which shows that the nationwide manhunt for a man identified in police code "John Doe 2" The flight had been stopped in mid-May 1995, i.e. after only a few weeks. Why, remains the secret of the federal police, but fits suspiciously well into the strategy of the prosecutors since the beginning of the trial in 1997, which basically started from only two perpetrators, McVeigh and Nichols. Did they want to make it easy for themselves to reach judgments more quickly? Or was there perhaps even a more extensive conspiracy with backers? The lawyers of Terry Nichols are now trying to get the Supreme Court to reopen the case that has fallen into the shadows.

Meanwhile, responding to requests from Attorney General Ashcroft, the Justice Department launched an internal investigation into the lost files incident at the FBI. by the way with the highest priority. This is urgently needed, because recent opinion polls by TV stations have shown that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has lost a lot of respect among the American population.

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