Immortal meme, poor gandalf and brando’s disgust

YouTube and Co. – our weekly Telepolis video review

It took almost three years. And now finally we have discovered the movie. It shows the wonderful leek dance, with which we also start into the weekend today. And, as we all know, the Internet was invented precisely for such treasures – even if skeptics believe that the Net is primarily a perfectly-perfect monitoring machine. OK, if recent reports are to be believed, Amazon and friendly news services are listening to us by means of Alexa, but Google isn’t doing that, at least not acoustically. At least this new test shows that. This good news is immediately followed by a shock: Gandalf was arrested in London last Thursday! First the eternal wrangling over the Brexit and now the. And then he also smeared his room with codes! Now the roughest president of all times must help his election worker. The photo of the week, on the other hand, is a picture of the black hole – shown here in several different perspectives.

Speaking of cats, they always go, especially when they speak English or do funny things. We don’t know if the wonderful Sibylle Berg has a cat, but the author was Jan Bohmermann’s guest this week. Perhaps the entertainer should also invite the Ritter family, their dialogues are of the highest literary quality.

immortal meme, poor gandalf and brando's disgust

So, now let’s fry up a fried egg and then introduce a machine that belongs in every man’s household: the Automatic Sperm Extractor, naturally made in China! How perfect the part is, shows this report.

With that, it’s time for the Postillon weekly review and readers’ mail. Recommended are Safe vs. Thermite, Fucking Kangaroo, Did you inhale gases? and Rat vs. Snake.

immortal meme, poor gandalf and brando's disgust

Finally, our quick run-through: the right of withdrawal for organ donation, the real Mark Zuckerberg, Ruthe.en: Fins, fries time-lapse battle, Koln with Hazel Brugger, looping rocking chair, Evolution of Houses, pointless maps, Baren, camera surveillance, the five oldest videos, old photographs, visit to the studio, a good meme never dies, 409 – video series, truck vs. stubborn, a week with a VR headset funny translation mistakes. And the final word has Marlon Brando.

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