“Independence is not the only solution”

Puigdemont at the press conference. Screenshot: TP

Carles Puigdemont calls on Madrid government to accept international mediation in Catalonia conflict

Less than a day after his detention in Neumunster, the head of the Catalan regional government, deposed by the Spanish central government, held a press conference in Berlin, where he answered questions in Catalan, English and Spanish. Among other things, he announced that he would comply with the conditions of release from prison and would remain in Germany until the end of the trial. Only after that he wants to return to his original Belgian destination.

When asked what he will do in the meantime, Puigdemont said in general terms that he will fight for his personal rights and for the rights of the Catalan people. In this context, he called on the Madrid government to accept international mediation in the Catalonia conflict. Catalonia’s independence is not the only solution, but Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has so far rejected any dialogue and instead reacted with justice.

Puigdemont dismissed as "unacceptable" the speculation of a representative of a German mass media, speaking with a very strong accent, that he had known that the Spanish secret service was monitoring his vehicles and had nevertheless entered Germany with them in order to provoke his arrest "stupid" back. According to him, he took a risk with his trip to Finland to explain the situation in Catalonia, but he did not expect to be arrested, because he had previously been able to enter and leave Switzerland and other countries unmolested.

Nevertheless, he hopes that his recent release and the related rulings of the Schleswig-Holstein Higher Regional Court in Madrid will demand a willingness to engage in a dialogue and not just react to decisions by the Catalan parliament with new arrests. In this way, it would show the Catalan people the respect they desire. He was as reluctant to comment on the actions of the German authorities as he was on his time in prison.

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