Party spokeswoman storch: sarrazin would be welcome in afd

Maischberger-TV "The fearmongers – How dangerous are Germany’s populists??": What makes opponents of the system tick

Sarrazin and Storch cause a stir. If they have dangerous things in common, a talk show can bring them to light? Answer: yes, in certain moments it shows in the TV broadcast, especially with the deputy AfD spokeswoman. But that will not stop the fans from feeling addressed or represented by their headline theses, Gregor Gysi’s objections ("In the first place it is necessary to clarify") do not make much difference.

Which is why CDU politician Elmar Brok’s remark against referendums ("I will not let parliamentary democracy be destroyed") was well placed and completely correct in this context. By context is meant how much the AfD, in the shape of its prominent representative, is setting the mood. For that, the talk session was enlightening.

"Islam does not belong to Germany"

It was significant how often Storch used variations of the well-trodden phrase, "that one can talk about it". As if there were still "Bans" there is, especially when it comes to "Islam" is the main attraction of the new right. Is there really still held back with sharp attacks and speeches? The impression that von Storch confirmed in the broadcast is that the AfD rhetoric sets up the phantom image of a freedom of speech restriction that is somehow supposed to be politically correct in order to draw applause from the fact that this phantom is constantly being led around by the nose.

Specifically: The AfD and namely Storch are now going on the hunt with the claim that "Islam" that Islam does not belong to Germany and, even more, that religion is not compatible with the Basic Law (AfD: strident anti-Islam as a program bandwagon). It does this with equations, at the end of which it says, Islam is equal to political Islam. "It is allowed to say that"? The AfD and its supporters demonstrate every day that this is possible.

But this does not make the alleged equation any more correct, as Mrs. von Storch also points out. Yesterday for the first time? Because what she said – "We differentiate between the faith one lives and political Islam" -, had not come to the public before.

So far, nothing is known about this differentiation being included in the party program. Possibly because the AfD leadership is not yet clear about the consequences of this distinction. One of them was that the polemical point against "the" Islam no longer works so well.

party spokeswoman storch: sarrazin would be welcome in the afd

The sehitlik mosque in Berlin. Image: Lienhard Schulz/CC BY-SA 3.0

Storch demonstrated how ill-conceived the lance against the religion of Muslims, some 4 million of whom live in Germany and who are naturally afraid of such fronts, when the rather strident political scientist Albrecht von Lucke confronted her with the argument that such exaggerations aimed at an emporia potential play into the hands of the actual radicals among Muslims – von Lucke immediately resorted to the sharpest example, the IS.

"Gasping for breath in the parallel universe of the system parties"

Beatrix von Storch did not give an answer to this question. She evaded the next rhetorical template and held back the "other side" from the fact that they are always "Snap Breath" react. Gysi’s objection that the AfD had lost with "illusions", which are not arguments, is making dangerous politics, was not refuted by von Storch.

Instead, she reproached the other parties for "lost its reference to problems in everyday life" and thus completely ignoring the work of thousands of local politicians "living in a parallel society". As if the latter did not apply to the AfD on the.

She positions herself outside the system, as a remark by Storch to the Archbishop of Koln, Cardinal Woelki, made clear. Storch did not respond to his criticism at all, but dismissed it by calling him an "Islamophobe" "Government spokesman and civil servant" described. Woelki is not a civil servant. This is a false statement, which is aimed at all those for whom the AfD is a political party "System opposition" the AfD is the fundamentally important political course.

Woelki is already a public servant because of his criticism of the AfD "Apparatus" to be attributed? Even Thomas Bernhard, in his sharp literary invectives against the state and the church, set a "and" between the two institutions of power. Storch lumps it all together.

And Sarrazin? He brought his well-known statistics, which, despite his attempts to repeat them, did not become more convincing or comprehensible. The factor 5 in the family reunion of Muslim immigrants is a capital for the mobilization of supporters, when asked hard it is disassembled.

Storch said at the beginning of the program that Sarrazin would be welcome in the AfD. Sarrazin kept his distance, saying that he shared some theses, but was not on board with others. That the party plays with emotions from the right-wing corner, he answered when Maischberger asked him about what attracted him to the AfD store. To this he mentioned "false memories and the atmosphere at the demonstrations, the associations".

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