Polish mobile network era gsm receives international award

Miracles always happen …

The Polish mobile network ERA GSM was named one of the four best telecommunications companies in the world by the Financial Times in the Global Telecommunication Awards. This is nothing short of a miracle: For decades, Poland has been one of the countries lagging particularly far behind in the telecommunications sector.

ERA GSM was awarded in two categories: best marketing strategy and best new network operator in the world. "The Financial Times Media panel’s decision Telecoms results from the success of the marketing campaign for our new service, the pre-paid system ‘Tak Tak’", says Renata Celej of the ERA GSM press office.

According to Karim Khoja, Strategy, Marketing and Sales Director of ERA GSM, the marketing campaign for "Tak Tak" was a great success" especially successful: with the penguin logo [tak.gif (animated)] and the name, the company achieved an increase in brand awareness up to 93 percent and gained over 100,000 subscribers to the new pre-paid system.

"ERA GSM is a prime example of a company that had found an effective advertising method in spite of strong competition", said the judges of Financial Times. In Poland, there are z.Zt. four mobile networks. In the area of GSM, there is the Plus GSM network in addition to ERA. However, the oldest mobile network in Poland is Centertel (NMT 450i system, launched in 1991), connected with Polish Telekom. Centertel also operates the new DCS system (=GSM 1800) Idea, although this network works practically only in large cities.

However, the biggest player is ERA GSM, which, with over 700,000 customers, is also the largest cell phone network operator in Eastern and Central Europe. Network coverage: ca. 76 percent. In building the network, the company is drawing on experience from the Polish Elektrim AG as well as MediaOne International (USA) and T-Mobil. In total, in Poland in mid-1998 there was approx. 1.3 million cell phone users. According to the Polish weekly magazine "Przeglad Tygodniowy" the cell phone market in Poland is developing much faster than expected: while GSM networks in Western Europe, for example, grew by 62-63 percent per year in 1996, ERA GSM and Plus GSM recorded growth of 280 percent.

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