Politics.com throws in the towel

Even the American presidential election campaign does not save commercial politics websites from bankruptcy

Bush, Gore, Nader or anyone else: Politics.com has already lost the election.

The coverage of the U.S. presidential election and the sometimes strange characters offering their services to the electorate attracted a lot of venture capital, which also helped the website Politics.com, a sister publication of Newsbytes.com, covered.

The service offered a mixture of analysis, links to the main polls and information about the candidates, but few people were interested in it. Perhaps the ending ".com" and the associations it evoked – from stock market losses to dirty campaign financing – were not as confidence-inspiring in the context of politics as a ".org" or a ".net". According to Trey Rust, of PoliticsOnline Inc. war Politics.com a victim of the generally poor acceptance of commercial websites that wanted to make money from politics, and will not be the last victim of a startup die-off in this area. It is hard to speak of a general lack of politics in the American part of the online world.

On sites such as Slashdot, extensive coverage specifically focused on otherwise neglected (but crucial to Internet users) ies of software patents, intellectual property, and monopolies attracted considerable interest. While the candidates of the two major parties showed little interest in answering the questions that are really relevant for the Internet (which led to the fact that the rough slashdot discussion did not start between Bush and Gore but between the presidential candidates of the Libertarian Party and the Socialist Party), on the other hand, Ralph Nader’s unusually high poll numbers for a third party candidate are certainly due in part to the fact that he is the only candidate who has spoken out clearly in support of the free software movement, against software patents, and against privacy restrictions in favor of copyright. Perhaps Gore, who has fallen behind on the unquestions in recent days in part because of Nader’s competition, would use it to reveal his intentions on those ies.

Especially in the last year, many commercial websites tried to turn the expected demand for information on the American presidential election into hard cash. The calculation didn’t work out: even in the hot phase of the presidential election campaign, the political sites recorded far fewer hits than non-specialized news providers. Within the next month, the market is expected to shake out to about 6-12 politics dotcoms.

Meanwhile, Politics auctions.com already the own domain name on its web page: Minimum bid 500.000 $.

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