Putin praises “soldiers of freedom”

For Russia’s new president, Vladimir Putin, the military parade on Red Square was an opportunity to tell the world that Russia remains a force to be reckoned with. The anti-Putin movement demonstrated at the same time on the so called "streets "People-walked"

In many larger Russian cities, the 9. May military parades held. The whole country celebrated the victory over Hitler’s Germany 67 years ago. Astonishing: Although on 9. May on Russian television from morning to night old Soviet and new films about the crimes of the "German fascists" there is no anti-German sentiment among the population.

Putin praises'soldaten der freiheit'

During his speech the new-old president made clear that Russia must be reckoned with. Picture: Kremlin

Military parades took place in u.a. in Moscow , St. Peterburg, Vladivostok and Grozny. In Moscow marched this year 14.000 soldiers from various branches of the armed forces marching across Red Square. There were fewer soldiers than last year, than 20.000 soldiers marched (the Kremlin wants to continue holding military parades) .

Unlike last year, this time the marchers wore parade uniforms instead of the modern patch uniforms. According to a report in Komsomolskaya Pravda, this change in outfit is due to the wishes of war veterans. For them, the patch uniform, with which the army leadership wanted to demonstrate modernity, was apparently too nuchern.

"Small armored car with Italian engine"

As in previous years, the most modern military equipment the Russian army has to offer rolled over the gray cobblestones of Red Square: T-90 tanks , Iskander medium-range missiles, S-400 air defense missiles and the long-range Topol-M missile, which entered service in 1997.

The head of the CPRF, Gennady Zyuganov, who attended the parade, as well as the ex-president of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, later lorried at a separate rally of the Communist Party, except for a small armored personnel carrier "with Italian engine" all the weapons on display in Red Square had already been developed in the Soviet Union.

The atmosphere on the Red Square was created by a 1.000-strong military orchestra. The several hundred war veterans who had taken their seats on the honorary tribune were visibly moved, even though they had been asked to do a great deal. The military parade lasted only one hour, but those over 80 years old had to sit in their seats for two hours for safety reasons.

Putin praises'soldaten der freiheit'

military parade on the Red Square. Picture: Kremlin

Tight security

The security measures were extremely strict. Reporters from the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reported eight snipers posted on the battlements of the Kremlin wall and the GUM department store. The annual expulsion of the clouds in Moscow had not worked this year. It was not raining, but the sky was overcast. Several test parades in recent days, which also involved road closures, had driven Moscow motorists almost to despair because of the road closures.

For the new Russian President Vladimir Putin, the military parade was an opportunity to tell the world that Russia is still a force to be reckoned with. Russia has the "moral right in principle and emphatically" its position in the world, because "our country" the "Main blow against Nazism" Putin declared in his speech on the Red Square that the state sovereignty is respected. The young generation should remember that they were "Descendants of victors", from "true soldiers of freedom" be. The lesson of the Second World War was that the "State sovereignty respected" und "The autonomous choice of each people" had to be respected. Putin was alluding to the fact that the Kremlin had advised the West not to intervene militarily in the civil wars in Libya and Syria.

Anonymous attack

Russian foreign television Russia Today reported yesterday that, of all days, on the "Victory Day" the official website of the Russian president kremlin.ru was paralyzed for an hour. The Russian Anonymous group had already announced last week a solidarity action with the protest movement in the country, Russia Today reported.

Actions of the protest movement for "honest elections", which has now become an anti-Putin movement, also went on Djen Pobeda ("Victory Day") more. While millions of Russians wore the orange and black Georgy ribbon on their jackets and bags to mark the holiday, 500 people wearing white ribbons – the symbol of the protest movement – demonstrated in Moscow’s Garden Ring, a park, and other busy city squares. The new form of protest, which has continued uninterrupted since Monday, is called the "People Walk".

Political happening

Although the police repeatedly arrest and then release participants, the action has something of a political happening. To the "Walked" bring the participants iso-mats, sleeping bags, guitars and drums with them. People take souvenir photos, play badminton and sing songs. Many drivers buried the action with honking horns.

The "Walkers" do not carry placards, but shout loud and clear "Down with the tsar", "We are the power here", "This is our city" and "Russia will be free". Provocateurs also appear from time to time. On Wednesday evening, the police arrested such storers who shouted: "Israel will be free!"

Although the action is not rough, it receives considerable attention in the media. Even the state television channels report regularly. The two best-known participants in the action, blogger Alexei Navalny and Left Front leader Sergei Udaltsov, were also killed during the "Walked" had already been arrested several times, but on Wednesday they were not released again, but were charged by a court for "Non-execution of police orders" sentenced to 15 days imprisonment each.

Scene pub Jean Jaques stormed

Massive attempts by the police to intimidate the people have so far been unsuccessful. On Monday, Omon police stormed the Jean Jaques bar in the center of Moscow, which is popular among critical intellectuals . There the protesters had taken a breather. Tables fell and dishes were broken. protesters were dragged into prison vans.

There is no strategy how to proceed with the protest movement under the new-old president. TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak warned in an open letter that if the powers that be did not seek dialogue with the protest movement now, they could soon lose their grip on power "Bottles with flammable liquid" fly. In fact, the propensity for violence is on the rise. Already last Sunday, at the end of the demonstration with several tens of thousands of participants, there was a real street fight with the police and over 400 arrests (Anti-Putin demonstration in Moscow ends with 400 arrests).

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