Rough but decent

Fable: If "Character" not only for "Avatar" stands.

An action role-playing game with a moral system – that’s new. Zu bekannten Werten wie Kraft, Magie oder Geschicklichkeit, die der Spieler individuell ausrichten kann, gesellt sich in "Fable" the attitude. Tendencies to good or bad have a decisive effect on the gameplay, which tells the life of an individual hero (or anti-hero) from a child to an old man.

Whether "Heroes", Wishworld" or "Project Ego" – "Fable"Žs various working titles give away some of the idea behind the unusual fantasy adventure game. A role-playing game that does not determine the character’s attitude at the very beginning, but lets him become Bose or Good with horns or halo in small decision steps. It is up to the player alone to develop his alter ego. "When I look at one of your saved games, the statistics of your character tell me more about yourself than any personality test", claims chief developer Peter Molyneux about "Fable": "I can.B. recognize if you are easily seduced or if you have a desire to harm someone."

Rough but decent

Two against one: the hero fighting bandits

Molyneux is known in the industry for innovation. While the market is dominated by high-quality sequels like the "Need For Speed: Underground 2", "Halo 2", "Metroid Prime 2: Echoes", "Tony Hawk’s Underground 2" or the endless "Final Fantasy" -series, he and his team are exploring interactive possibilities.

Back in 1987, the British programmer founded his first company Bullfrog, with which he created milestones such as "Populous" or "Dungeon Keeper" developed. After selling the company to Electronic Arts and leaving it in 1997, Molyneux founded Lionhead Studios and designed the super-ordinary strategy hit "Black White". As already reflected there in "Fable" the evolution of the game character the respective gameplay – interactive identification creates game depth and that pays off: In the U.S., Fable is setting sales records (375 in the first week of sales alone).000 units).

Rough but decent

Topless: cool but without any rust protection

The myth begins when fire raiders attack the peaceful village of Oakvale and massacre all its inhabitants. Hiding behind a wall survives a boy, whose role from now on the player creates freely. The orphan quickly finds a new home. The Heroes’ Guild of Albion accepts him and there his training begins. In a romantic atmosphere, the young man learns to use a bow and sword and learns the basics of magical powers. The tutorial built into the story ends with the completion of the "Hero’s diploma". Now the player is allowed to move out into the world, coming back to the base at any time. And also must, because there he can upgrade his character and take quests.

As in most role-playing games, the player obtains information through communication with NPCs (Non Player Characters). The important contacts are surrounded by a green aura, less important by a purple one. Handlers either move around freely or have stands. They sell food, drink, weapons or clothing. Others have specialized. Hairdressers and tattoo artists take action by having the player present one of the many cards with pictures of the desired hairstyle or tattoo, which can be found everywhere in Albion. Depending on the selection, categories in the appearance of the hero change. Facial tattoos, buzz-cut beards or mohawks make him seem more attractive, furrowed or laughable to his peers. So was the choice of clothing.

Rough but decent

Strike: Rabid werewolf creatures like to attack in packs

Apart from the rustication value, the player determines effects with different outfits. Should he stay for a long time in one of the many cities to trade, steal, or flirt, the "good spirit" recommended to wear village clothes, to which he can change at any time via an easy-to-use subdivision menu. To be reasonably dressed on a date with the mistress has never been wrong. In the house he buys himself, which unmarried frequent travelers, on the other hand, rent out profitably, a sheep’s hour then awaits him, which is also listed in the detailed character statistics.

Peter Molyneux wants the player to experiment, so that wacky methods of earning money are evoked. So in one place you can marry the daughter of a burgermeister. The evil-minded man finally kills him and hopes for the inheritance. Stupid only that his wife does not want to share. Further courses of action are open.

Rough but decent

Mountain air sniffing: The hero breaks in the poppy field

Besides the life simulation aspect, however, the role-playing game with its long-lasting quests and epic battles represents the lowen part of the game. Depending on the upgrade of his powers – whether corporeal strength and dexterity or attack or ambient types of magic like fireball, time slowdown or berserker rage – the fights demand different approaches. Tactics against a stone troll as tall as a house, slow but throwing rocks, should be different from those against a werewolf creature that lashes out wildly and disappears in the middle of the fight to reappear somewhere else. Once the hero or anti-hero has disposed of the enemy, he wins a trophy, which he can boastfully present to his fellow men in a kind of mini-game (of which there are quite a few). This is how he gains additional notoriety.

"Fable" is an interactive fantasy tale and pays not only playfully to the A-class. Graphically, the Xbox impressively shows that it is the most powerful game console. Advanced light and shadow effects by day and by night further enchant the scenery. The professional German dubbing, however, unfortunately has its quirks. The slapstick voices of some handlers are too comic-like and quickly get on your nerves. Likewise, too often repeated soundbites, which initially serve as tips, but after a certain point only annoying. After an hour of getting used to the menu controls, one flips skillfully through the simple menu. Nevertheless, in the heat of battle there is the danger of giving away a potion or performing magic blows against friends.

Rough but decent

I am legend: Pure pathos in the Attentater dress

Another (just as excusable) minus point is the saving of the game. In the middle of an unpredictable long lasting quest it is not possible to secure. Thus, almost every game session is unintentionally delayed. All in all "Fable" However, it is recommended to anyone who likes games like "Gothic 2", "BaldurŽs Gate: Dark Alliance 2" or just "Black White" likes. ( Mark Lederer)

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