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Protest on fan pages

It’s just a pity that Thomas Aigner is not a woman. Otherwise, we had read yesterday that the head of the media agency "Aigner Media Entertainment" (AME) is pregnant and will therefore be taking a baby break. But because Aigner is not a woman, it does not work also with the Birgit Schrowange effect.

As is well known, the RTL presenter was recently the subject of controversy because of inhumane remarks, her removal was demanded, and her station reacted a few days later by announcing her pregnancy. It’s well received, it’s human, and that’s why it’s so abysmally cynical.

Since Aigner, whose agency is known to have been commissioned by Endemol to represent the owners of various "Big Brother"-After the show had been plagued with hefty warnings from fan sites, RTL 2 quickly came up with another way to restore the damaged image of its hit show "Big Brother" (BB) to polish up a little bit again.

On the very evening of the same day that the controversial warning practices of AME and Endemol became public and were heavily criticized not only on the Internet, RTL 2 CEO Josef Andorfer announced that his station would take over the debts of his BB contestant Sabrina. Because, according to Andorfer, "we take our Big Brother slogan ‘You are not alone’ literally".

So far, so already. But even this has not been able to smooth the waters so far. Numerous BB fan sites have been off the net in protest since Friday, including well-visited ones like suchprogramme.de/bigbrother/, on which it now only lapidary heibt: "Here used to be BigBrother – News and more o It’s no fun anymore! Spare greetings to Endemol!"

At the same time runs on www.whoom.de a collection of signatures against the AME-Endemol bag-cutting, and the banner of the initiative Freedom for Links, which has been fighting against warning actions on the net for a long time, now appears on several BB fan pages at once.

Aigner himself has also reacted to the criticism in the meantime. He claimed to the dpa agency that the warning would only affect sites that had "with unauthorized pornographic links" or had pursued commercial interests. Probably meant are advertising banners, which drove to sex sites in the net. Whereby the commercial profit for the homepage owners is then rather in the two-digit range, thus probably also in the understanding of Aigner only peanuts are. In addition, with very few exceptions, almost all sex sites are protected from the simple access of young net surfers.

All this Thomas Aigner knows best. After all, it was from his house that the successful wochentliche "NetNewsLetter", who up to now has always vehemently opposed precisely such flimsy justifications and exaggerated warning practices on the Internet. – But that is now in view of the hoped for "Big coal" just water under the bridge. And such a thing is called lying, but not in this case, after all, Aigner is not a woman …

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