Square bonsai cats in a do-it-yourself kit

Hoax upsets animal users

Bonsai trees are already known, but what are the bonsai cats that roam the Internet and call the animal users on the plan? The production is described in detail on the homepage of Bonsaikitten. If you then ensure regular rectal feeding and the disposal of fakalien, you get a cute square cat after a few weeks – promise at least the website operators. What is to be recognized already at first sight as satire, nevertheless excites the tempers of many users and above all the animal users. At the same time, any website visitor should immediately debunk the hoax of a picture with a baby and a Mac cube. Nevertheless allegedly even the FBI investigates in the meantime against the operators.

Square bonsai cats in self-assembly set

"While surfing, I came across an internet site, which in my opinion is a case for the animal protection society. The site is called: www.bonsaikitten.com. Until now I have never heard of the so-called bonsai cats. But what I have seen there broke me as a "Mommy cat" almost the heart. They put the little ones in a much too small jar to influence the growth. In this they are stuck then up to a week or longer!!! There are 2 hole punchers in the glass. With one they get air, food and water and with the other they can do their business. That someone can watch this is incomprehensible to me. …" (Source: Forum post)

"How to breed bonsai cats. Where remains then the animal protection?", writes a user in the Handy-Kult-Forum. But the news has been censored at the same time, because the webmaster writes in the same forum message "Sorry, but for reasons of animal welfare and good taste I have removed the links." The excitement about the so-called bonsai cats is now spreading all over the Internet. everywhere you can find startled references to them "Perverted ideas of sick people".

In such a way at least the action animal protection titles a report over the cats. The author had pictures of this macabre website on his page, but they are no longer accessible. In typical propagandistic manner the uberschrift is set in rough red letters. With very small letters, however, the following reference can be found: "At this point we would like to point out that the following ‘bonsai kitten’ pictures have been put online as fakes. Nevertheless, it is partly not clearly recognizable from the Internet page concerned and serves to imitate described perverted ideas. These pages do not belong on the net."

Square bonsai kittens in the do-it-yourself kit

Bonsai Kitten Kids

Although it is to be unmasked really for nearly everyone completely fast as Hoax, here openly the censorship of the web page is demanded. One suspects imitators who were able to put this kind of humor into practice.

Hello cat lovers with this chain email we would like to ask for your help. It is about an animal protection action against the so-called "BONSAI KITTEN" Here, small young cats are forced into containers and thus torturously bred into a desired form. Whatever you can call it – I don’t know a name for such a torture." (source: animal information)

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) must have had similar thoughts and unceremoniously deleted the pages. There was the original home of the Bonsaikitten. In the meantime, however, the website is once again available on the net, which should now be understood more as a protest against the massive censorship and threats. A student under the pseudonym of "Dr. Michael Wong Chang" . Inzwischen beginnt wohl sogar das FBI gegen den Studenten zu ermitteln und will vom MIT die wahre Identitat des Dr. Wong Chang experienced. He claims to have already received a whole flood of death threats. He told Focus in an interview: "A surprising number of people – at least we found it surprising – told us that we were worse than Hitler, because Hitler at least had only killed Jews, while we were killing little cats."

He doesn’t understand all the excitement, because his website was originally built to shock the cat lovers a little bit and to show them that "Hypocrisy" of the society and the animal users to expose. The joke, however, seems to degenerate into an unintended direction, because in the forum the cat haters find a platform to let off steam. In this respect, animal rights activists feel vindicated and demand even more drastic consequences. But one should know cat stories, especially in the distant America: Wasn’t there once a cat lover who dried his cat in the microwave after bathing it?? As a result, the court saw the real culprit not in the owner, but in the manufacturer of the microwave, who was subsequently ordered to pay several million in damages. The manufacturer should not have explicitly forbidden the drying of cats in his instructions for use.

Wang meanwhile insists on his "Right of free speech" and does not understand the hounding, especially since the cats were not put into the pictured glaziers, but everything was manipulated by graphic software.

In the meantime, animal rights activists have taken aim at yet another website. There pictures of scanned cats are published on the Internet. "Away with such pages" demands the animal protection and underlines: "Cats in particular are very sensitive and skittish. And here again stupid people show us how much they trample the right of animals with feet." A petition of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) demands the removal of the website.

In the Focus interview Chang already announces a new project, which should surely attract similar attention: "This is still top secret. Alles, was ich dazu sagen kann ist, dass es wieder dem Thema folgen wird, nach dem das Recht auf Freiheit absolut ist und sich nicht der Befurwortung durch die Allgemeinheit unterziehen muss." Organized taboo violation to attract attention – or rather defense of freedom of speech with spectacular means?

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