The death of the nsu witnesses

Important eyewitness after Kiesewetter murder also died months ago

The circumstances surrounding the death of NSU witness Corinna B. are not communicated even after almost two weeks. The Ministry of Justice of Baden-Wurttemberg and the NSU investigation committee of the state parliament remain silent (Another NSU witness dead: she knew Mundlos and Zschape).

At the same time, another death must be reported: Of the witnesses who saw bloodied men after the police murder in Heilbronn, an elderly woman has already died months ago.

First, the case of Corinna B.: She died on 2. February 2017 at the age of 46. Three days earlier, on 30. January, the NSU committee in Stuttgart had decided to hear her as a witness. In the 1990s, the woman belonged to the right-wing extremist scene in Ludwigsburg and had personal contact with the later NSU trio Bohnhardt, Mundlos, Zschape. Like many other neo-Nazis from Chemnitz and Jena, the three repeatedly visited the Baden-Wurttemberg town of.

The deputies want to shed light on this past, and began on 30. January with the questioning of two former members of the right-wing scene: Barbara E.-N. and Hans-Joachim S. Both were on the list of names and addresses of Uwe Mundlos. Corinna B. was once with Hans-Joachim S. liates.

The committee learned on 7. February of their demise. In a press release the chairman of the panel raised the question, "Whether the witness died a natural death and ruled out outside influence or foul play" may become. According to a medical examiner, who is said to have been present at the post-mortem examination "nothing for an unnatural death", he states in the public letter on the death of the witness. However, a forensic medical examination is no longer possible. The dead has already been ashed.

It has not yet been possible to find out who decided the case, along with a whole series of other questions. Unknown are so far the death circumstances of the woman, who is to have been last ill and dependent on a going assistance. A spokesman for BaWu’s Ministry of Justice simply states: "It all seems to be very little spectacular. It was not an unnatural death." All the more strange that the cause of death is not mentioned.

In which city Corinna B. died, is likewise not communicated so far. She is said to have lived in the town of Tamm, north of Ludwigsburg. But she did not die in Tamm, as one learns at the local city administration. From the investigation committee of the state parliament, which received the official death certificate of the municipality in question and thus had to know where Mrs. B. died, there is no information. He does not want to hear the case until 24. February to address in its next meeting.

According to the press release of the chairman of the committee, Corinna B., whose name, however, was not mentioned in it, had later been in a relationship with a man from Thuringia living in Baden-Wurttemberg, who was co-organizer of various concerts of right-wing extremist skinhead bands, which were considered as "Birthday celebrations" were declared.

Corinna B. is already the fifth dead NSU-witness, with whom the U-committee of Baden-Wurttemberg must deal with.

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