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Peter Plichtas "God’s secret formula. The Decipherment of the World Council and the Primality Code."

Notwithstanding all this, the mode of the cogito interruptus is a crude prophetic, poetic and psychagogic technique. Just not one that can be discussed.

I once wrote a movie script. It was titled "The hole in the Andes" and the short plot can be summarized as follows: Scientists discover in said high mountains a hole, which leads crosswise through the earth. While trying to investigate the hole, a member of the team falls into it, turns into a zombie due to the high speed and the heat, is thrown into the earth orbit on the other side of the world and attacks spaceships there. The film was never realized. Besides, I ask myself until today against how many physical laws I have violated on these few pages of text. But actually it does not matter. After all, I was only nine years old and it was a lined exercise book.

In the meantime, however, I know book-printed written material of a certain Dr. Peter Plichta. This one writes:

"Things in themselves are threefold, as you can always see in chemistry and physics. A single even prime number was then not allowed to exist at all. Two other even numbers had to be prime numbers, one of them is probably the number 4."

Peter Plichta is a private scholar from Dusseldorf, Germany. He is already older than nine years. His rough life project is "The prime number cross", which he has published in an ever-lengthening series of books that, according to a German alternative journal called "spacetime" will bring the end of quantum physics to the wide and inquisitive, but still manipulated and quite dumbed-down mankind. Thus, the doctor explains that the infinity of space and time must be extended by a third coarse: numbers.

What the rough C. F. Gaub had suspected, Peter Plichta has proven, the publisher boasts: that a "Handful" prime numbers hold the riddle of the universe. The prime numbers were the foundation and at the same time the roughest riddle of the cosmos. The "Prime Cross"-Trilogy is thus quite exciting, although rather from "literary" View. Peter Plichta gives a radically autobiographical account of his life, his discoveries and his glorious future still to come.

Beginning with his birth when the sky, which was overcast with rain, opened on that 21. October 1939, and a bright beam of light, as if from a powerful spotlight, penetrated the clouds and the head of the newborn Peter Plichta shone brightly. The nuns assisting in the birth reportedly shouted something about "a miracle". And in fact his life becomes quite whimsical. We learn how the diabolical Doctor Henkel (yes, that’s the Henkel) allegedly conspires against Plichta, meanwhile Plichta studies chemistry, nuclear chemistry and law, develops a UFO fuel, consumes his favorite cocktail of corn whiskey, ginger ale, sleeping pills and stimulants, and dreams of being the first person to win three Nobel Prizes at the same time, so that he can really show off to all those who have had the right to wisdom and knowledge on earth for centuries, and who in reality are only managing their own round of the clock.

Plichta’s all-encompassing world formula can do just about anything. The most important physical constants of nature and basic mathematical constants are truly deciphered as problems of space, time and number. This approach is to replace the whole house of cards of modern natural science, quantum mechanics, by exact mathematics. Their structure is Euclidean and based on the decimal system, which, by the way, is the only possible number system in nature for Mr. Plichta. Plichta has simply got the picture. Let’s take a look at the axioms of his mathematics:

1.) The first fundamental theorem of the Reciprocal Number Space is based on the continuous exponentiation of the number 19.

2.) The second fundamental theorem of the prime number space is based on the continued integration of x to the power of +1 resp. the continued differentiation of x to the power of 1.

3.) The first fundamental theorem of the prime number space provides the quadropole geometry of the number 1 to the power of 2.

4.) The second fundamental theorem of the reciprocal number space justifies (by inversion of 3.) the four-digitness of the mechanical world.

One always thinks to be simply too stupid for all the formulas, connections and constructions. Also repeated reading does not lead to enlightenment. From a purely formal point of view, the suspicion arises that they are not statements at all. But let us leave that aside. Here simply after three hundred years the amption of the number theorist Pierre de Fermat is proved and at its climax the work attributes the number of amino acids, the DNA structure, the cell division, thus the secret of the life, to four-dimensional mathematics. All life in the universe looks consequently like with us, which justifies in my opinion also a rough part of the bad masks in cheap science fiction series. A reader opinion from www.amazon.de reads as follows:

"This book will set in motion the long-missing German, European revolution, when the lightning of thought strikes the states crying out for renewal."

So let’s acquire Plichta’s work, let’s read it primarily for relaxation. And whoever likes, weeps not with him, but over him.

The Prime Cross, vol. 1, In the labyrinth of the finite / Peter Plichta The prime number cross, vol. 2, The Infinite / Peter Plichta The Prime Cross, vol. 3, The 4 Poles of Eternity / Peter Plichta (All Quadropol Verlag GmbH) God’s secret formula. The decipherment of the world council and the prime number code. / Peter Plichta (Langen-Muller Publishing House, Munich)

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