House of commons rejects may’s brexit deal for third time

house of commons rejects mays brexit deal for third time

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EU Council President Tusk Appointed for 10. April Special Summit on

This afternoon, after a five-hour debate, the House of Commons voted for the third time on Theresa May’s exit deal – and rejected it again. This time with 344 to 286 votes. Because parliament speaker John Bercow with reference to a rule from the year 1604 "SUBSTANTIAL CHANGES" had demanded before the deal was presented a third time, May had removed the accompanying supplementary statement.

Keir Starmer, the Brexit ministerial candidate in Labour’s shadow cabinet, took this as an opportunity to urge his party’s MPs to vote against the deal this time around as well. Without a supplementary declaration on the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the EU, the adoption of the exit treaty had, in his words, led to a "Exit blindfolded" led. Tory spokesmen accused Labour of running out of substantive arguments against the exit deal because of this rationale.

Succession debate

In addition to the majority of opposition MPs and the Northern Irish Protestant party DUP, many Tories again voted against their party leader’s bill today – for example, European Research Council Vice-President Mark Francois (who said he would not vote for it even if asked to do so with a shotgun in his mouth). Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson and May’s former Brexit minister Dominic Raab voted against it.

Raab is being touted by British media as one of the potential successors to the prime minister and appears to have already begun a campaign on social media to be elected to the party presidency. Another contender is Boris Johnson, who withdrew from the party chairmanship and prime ministerial race in 2016 because his former supporter Michael Gove stabbed him in the back and ran himself (cf. Who will become Prime Minister?).

"Boris goes for the kill" was the headline in the Daily Mail today, after the now slightly less eccentrically coiffed great-grandson of the last Ottoman Home Secretary called May’s deal even before the vote as a "dead" Designated. The fact that the classical scholar has an appetite for the prime minister’s post is also indicated by his publicly expressed view that May would have to take her hat off even if the House of Commons rejects her agreement again (cf. Brexit: May promises early departure if deal is accepted at third referendum).

That Gove, who thwarted Johnson’s plans in 2016, will also run again is not considered out of the question, but unlikely given the chubby journalist’s rather limited popularity. Slightly better odds are given to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who is neutral on Brexit ies, soft Brexit supporter and Auben Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Cabinet Secretary David Lidington, Home Secretary and "Remainer" Sajid Javid as well as the former Brexit minister David Davis granted.

BBC: One year of Verlangerung?

Now the EU Council will not set the deadline for the phase-out by 22 December. May, but only until 12. April verlangern. EU Council President Donald Tusk scheduled a special meeting of his body on 10 October immediately after the result of the vote became known. April on. In the meantime, May should tell him whether the United Kingdom will participate in the European elections at the end of May after all. In this case, according to the information of the BBC Brussels correspondent Adam Fleming, the exit date could be postponed for a year.

If May decides to allow the UK to vote in the European elections, the result could be disillusioning for the Tories as well as for the Labour Party and the Scottish separatists from the SNP, if many voters vote for Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party (which has already won more than 100 votes in the first days after its foundation).000 British MPs) or the GIMP group, made up of Labour and Tory MPs (cf. Three Tory MPs joined Labour split). These two groups had then a basis, on which they could dispute seats of the old parties in elections for the Westminster parliament.

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