Sarrazin serves crude race doctrine

It may be that Sarrazin and Co. put the finger on a wound, but they themselves create a new-old wound – racism and suicidal cultural stagnation

Is Sarrazin, an SPD member and board member of the Bundesbank, merely putting his finger on the wound with his primarily anti-Muslim rhetoric, or is he an arsonist who makes resentment popular and legitimate?? Such questions are hardly clear without contradiction, because here it is not primarily a matter of facts, but of interpretation, i.e. speculation that strengthens or contradicts opinions. In any case, Bild has found in Sarrazin a good candidate to stir up the topic of anti-Islamism, although the newspaper may not care which way the level will swing. One is always already there.

The SPD is gradually becoming embarrassed by its member who has been shunted off to the board of the Bundesbank, although it is or was well blessed with difficult candidates from Clement to Schily or Riester to Schroder. Sarrazin, who together with the Bild-Zeitung published his book "Germany abolishes itself", not only serves cliched xenophobic resentments, which have now changed from anti-Semitism to anti-Islamism, but also argues on a non-scientific level of Nazi racial doctrine. So, in all seriousness, he thinks that Muslim immigrants are genetically dumber – "educationally distant" – which is why they have not been able to integrate. Intelligence, according to the professional politician, is inherited between 50 and 80 percent.

He does not comment on the intelligence of the Bundesbank or the Germans. And of course not about his own. If Islam makes people stupid, then not only were all the inhabitants of the Arab region, including the Jews, stupid, but probably Christians were also somehow cognitively superior. The fact that genetic differences differ according to cultures or religions may be creative, but it has not been scientifically proven. "Anyone who tries to define Jews by their genetic makeup, even if it is supposedly meant in a positive way, is succumbing to a racial delusion that Judaism does not share", said the secretary general of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Stephan Kramer.

At the same time, the representative of the Mochte-Gern intelligentsia elite also says that the Muslims’ inability to integrate is not ethnically based, but is rooted in the culture of Islam. Nevertheless, somehow you have to take the "Gene pool" of a nation to which the "cultural distinctiveness" of any nation: "The cultural peculiarity of the people is not a legend, but determines the reality of Europe. All Jews share a certain gene, Basques have certain genes that distinguish them from others." In fact, this brings us back to National Socialism. Sarrazin, however, says that in comparison with earlier migrations of people there have been no such changes as today.

Already what must challenge the SPD is that Sarrazin calls his racist theses social democratic. After all, he does not want to deport anyone, but only to challenge everyone, and only to ensure that social advancement becomes possible. Well, it doesn’t seem to be a sign of intelligence, which is why the right-wing would like to take Sarrazin for themselves, if the reaction to changes is only defense or fear of alienation, instead of a creative reception and integration, which naturally changes all parties involved. Standing still and building castles, which will be overrun sooner or later anyway, is not a wise solution, but a strategy for those who want to leave everything as it is and thus freeze history. Perhaps Sarrazin should ask himself once whether he and his people could not somehow have been shortchanged in terms of intelligence. This is hardly to be expected, of course, because stupidity also means a lack of self-reflexivity.

Of course, there is an urgent need to criticize Islamic views as well as Christian fundamentalist ideologies. To be caught by the war of cultures or religions after the Cold War, which acted sufficiently with black-and-white templates, is indeed stupid, even if not genetic, if one does not consider the rejection of the foreigner as innate. Migrations have always changed cultures and spurred innovations. Instead of dully relying on defense, we could now see how to use it productively for once. But for this we finally had to see ourselves as an immigration society. As a dying society this was also urgently necessary.

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