Spain now also drags puigdemont’s lawyer to court

spain now drags puigdemont's lawyer to court as well

Image Gonzalo Boye: Òmnium Cultural / CC-BY-SA-2.0 / Image Carles Puigdemont: Generalitat de Catalunya / Public Domain

Gonzalo Boye, successful in defending the Catalan exiled president on the international stage, is suddenly alleged to be "Money laundering" in drug trafficking

Is it a coincidence that just before upcoming decisions about the possible extradition of Carles Puigdemont from Belgium to Spain, his Spanish lawyer is being covered with an indictment? At any rate, at the National Court of Justice in Madrid, Judge MarIa Tardon is now suing the lawyer Gonzalo Boye for "Money laundering" within a criminal organization.

After this became known, Boye announced in a press statement that in "of the corresponding term" and the "appropriate form" the necessary "Evidence" that would make him "exonerate without doubt". This will be done after analyzing the investigation, which has been conducted in secret for almost two years.

Some of the 45 defendants in total – Boye was not among them – were on 6. February 2017, were arrested at the Madrid airport while attempting to secure nearly 900.smuggle 000 euros out of the country in a pack. In the judge’s opinion, Boye had also "Documents" made in order to "fictitious purchase of goods" Pre-exchange. The aim was to get back the money confiscated at the airport.

Boye has repeatedly stated that he had nothing to do with the case, that it was from Manuel Puente Saavedra "false" been accused. Anyway, the indictment is strange, how should money have been laundered that never left the courthouse building? At best it could be an experiment.

In any case, the confidant of drug lord Jose Ramon Prado Burgano, one of the historic drug lords from the Spanish Galicia, was conditionally released after the accusation in August 2019. This was a strange thing for Boye to do. Finally, there was clear circumstantial evidence that Puente Saavedra had commissioned at least one murder.

Santiago Quintero MarIn had been shot dead in Colombia in January 2018, and copies of the victim’s driver’s license and passport were found in Puente Saavedra’s apartment. Eavesdropped phone calls also point to complicity. Despite the fact that Spain had even sent a request for judicial assistance to Colombia in the case, Tardon loved to release the confessed drug capo, whose whereabouts are unknown.

For Boye, who, for example, also played a decisive role in ensuring that Puigdemont was not extradited from Germany to Spain, it is clear that he will be confronted with this charge for his support of the Catalans. "They treat me like an enemy, as they do the Catalans", said the Madrid lawyer. It is about destabilizing the defense rights of exiled Catalans, he said. "I will not retreat one step, because I am on the right side."

This is one of a series of strange incidents. The lawyer’s office had already been broken into twice and everything had been ransacked. Last September, when the office was broken into for the second time, Andrej Hunko, a member of the Bundestag for the Left Party, tweeted:

Gonzalo Boye, Carles #Puigdemont’s lawyer, is among the most renowned lawyers in #Spain. It is worrying and completely unacceptable that his office was broken into for the second time in 9 months by unknown persons.

Andrej Hunko

Boye explained: "In less than 9 months we have had two visits from "unknown persons" who obviously did not take anything with them. Let’s see if they may not have brought something."

The events are very reminiscent of the "Cesspool", where an illegal "political brigade" police has repeatedly produced false accusations, including against the current Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias. Catalans such as the former mayor of Barcelona Xavier Trias, who had been accused of corruption without valid evidence, were at the forefront of the case.

Currently, the former Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez DIaz is on trial for being behind the "Operation Kitchen" is said to have confessed. In the process, the ruling People’s Party (PP) is even said to have used, among others, a now convicted "Contract criminals" paid with taxpayers’ money, to obtain, through robbery and kidnapping, documents that heavily incriminate the PP in its bribery affairs.

Even the driver of the former treasurer Luis Barcenas was bribed in order to get information, as the FAZ reported. And the fact that Judge Tardon, who is now prosecuting the lawyer Boye, comes from the very party that has a court-proof record "efficient system of institutional corruption" has operated and behind "Kitchen" is not a good sign. Tardon sab for the PP in the Madrid City Council.

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