Who is afraid of the ignorant clown?

The religious police of Saudi Arabia does not let itself be fooled by an X for an U

Saudi Arabia, closely allied with the U.S., has a very poor human rights record. Violations include willkur, torture, executions, as well as downright racist curtailment of women’s rights. The power of the Saudi prince’s clan is based on an alliance with the Wahhabi religious scholars, who represent a Salafi and extremely conservative direction of Islam.

The so-called "Committee for the prevention of ubel and the demand for virtue", a kind of religious police, brutally ensures the observance of the laws of the state, formed on the model of an original Islamic community, apparently in accordance with the literal interpretation of the Koran, as demanded by the arch-conservative interpretation of the Wahhabis. At the top of the list: Dress codes and the separation of men and women in public. Critics and reformers have a hard time, but at least we hear from them more and more often.

The television show "Tash Ma Tash", The Saudi Arabian artist, who three years ago was unsuccessfully ied with a fatwa, the expert rejection of a religious authority, has now caused another scandal. One episode of the comedy series had addressed the situation of women. Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive themselves, they are only allowed to sit in a car driven by a man who is either their husband or their relative. This companion, "Mahram" must also be present when a woman visits an office or a restaurant. Otherwise, they may be imprisoned – without their families being notified, by the way. Without Mahram, not much goes on outside the home. And, of course, only a mahram is allowed in the house besides the employees.

Who is afraid of the ignorant clown?

The provocative episode of "Tash Ma Tash" now exists "Without a Mahram" and describes the lives of four women – mother, sister, wife and daughter – whose only male family member is away on business for six months. His sister can’t go to work, the wife can’t go shopping, and the daughter can’t watch videos – women weren’t allowed in the video store. When a policeman is to investigate a theft in the house, he refuses to cross the threshold – no mahram in the house. The actor who plays the role of the policeman has been insulted on Saudi websites and described as a "ignorant clown" been called. The program spreads decadence and corruption and insults the legacy of the prophet. Nevertheless, there has been a tiny opening of the wall of prohibition and obedience.

Thus, after all, an Arab News columnist could (with impunity?) say the heavy artillery used to bombard the comedy series clearly shows that "we are not used to criticism and do not know how to take it when it comes." The author of the play, a Saudi who grew up in the U.S., had taken the situation of his family when he is on the road as a model for the sketch. "What is happening to women here is the same racism that was practiced against the blacks in South Africa", is said to have been his comment on the excitement.

Last year, 15 girls died trying to escape from a burning school in Mecca. Members of the "Committee for the prevention of ubel and the demand for virtue", had prevented the girls from leaving the building and forcibly prevented rescue workers from working. The reason: the girls were not wearing the prescribed "Abaya’s", black full-body veils (cf. The dead girls of Mecca). Since this incident, the supervision of girls’ education has been removed from the committee and handed over to the Ministry of Education – a step forward. It must also be seen as further progress that the government has begun to ie passports to women..

According to a survey by Foreign Policy, 82 percent of the population in Western countries support equal opportunities for men and women – in Muslim-dominated countries, only 55 percent. Saudi Arabia, in particular, would like to have even fewer. A female editor of the newspaper Al Watan (of course, there is a women’s section in the editorial office, which none of the male editors are allowed to enter) told DIE ZEIT and FAZ that the reforms had to come from above, from the king, because the society was not yet mature for the most part. Women have now been given access to professions outside the traditional fields of girls’ education and health care. In universities, female students are taught by video link or similar tricks – so that the professor cannot see them. Those who drop out of university have a good chance, male or female, of becoming unemployed; the rate is about 30 percent. The population of the country has almost doubled in the last 20 years to 22 million people. The grossness of the sliming of the religious police is illustrated by a statement made by Prince Amr Mohammed Al-Faisal after he was prevented from naming a new product introduced by his company "Explorer" to give.

The wise teachers of the Committee have correctly noticed that the letter X in the name represents a cross, which awakened its delicate Islamic subtlety. I am very relieved that thanks to the vigilance of the committee a gross tragedy could be prevented. Until now, I had innocently – and I must say, naively – amed that the letter X is simply a letter of the alphabet. But now it turns out that it is a cunning and mean plan by Christians to corrupt our Muslim faith


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