Who is afraid of the ignorant clown?

The religious police of Saudi Arabia does not let itself be fooled by an X for an U

Saudi Arabia, closely allied with the U.S., has a very poor human rights record. Violations include willkur, torture, executions, as well as downright racist curtailment of women’s rights. The power of the Saudi prince’s clan is based on an alliance with the Wahhabi religious scholars, who represent a Salafi and extremely conservative direction of Islam.

The so-called "Committee for the prevention of ubel and the demand for virtue", a kind of religious police, brutally ensures the observance of the laws of the state, formed on the model of an original Islamic community, apparently in accordance with the literal interpretation of the Koran, as demanded by the arch-conservative interpretation of the Wahhabis. At the top of the list: Dress codes and the separation of men and women in public. Critics and reformers have a hard time, but at least we hear from them more and more often.


Us army lets microsoft develop data glasses with facial recognition

Us army lets microsoft develop data glasses with facial recognition

Soldiers train with the Integrated Visual Augmentation System. Image: DoD

The Integrated Visual Augmentation System will integrate as much available visual data as possible, monitor soldiers’ performance and optimize targeting accuracy

The Army Futures Command, founded a year ago, wants to equip the US Army with new technologies. By the end of the month, it plans to be fully operational, accelerating developments and acquisitions beyond the usual channels. However, criticism has already come from the GAO that not enough small companies are being included. It’s all about AI applications, autonomous vehicles and robots, 3D printers, new weapons, new missiles like the Precision Strike Munitions, which are said to have an INF-compatible range of just 499 km. On Wednesday, the command presented itself and its projects to members of the press.


Parliament and government buildings attacked

Internal Palestinian fighting also in the West Bank

The bloody clashes between the former (Fatah) and the new Palestinian government (Hamas) have spread from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank. The Palestinian police do not maintain internal order. It is closely allied with the Fatah movement and apparently refuses to protect citizens and government institutions effectively.

When a Palestinian motorist refused to stop at a Palestinian checkpoint on Ramallah’s city limits Tuesday night, officers opened fire. The man died. He was traveling in a stolen car and wanted to avoid an inspection," he said. The police, however, were expecting a "musta’arab," literally one who pretends to be an Arab. The "Musta’aribin" are furrowed Israeli intelligence units that operate in disguise. Just three weeks ago, one of these units shot dead three people in the middle of the busy city center.


House of commons rejects may’s brexit deal for third time

house of commons rejects mays brexit deal for third time

Graphic: TP

EU Council President Tusk Appointed for 10. April Special Summit on

This afternoon, after a five-hour debate, the House of Commons voted for the third time on Theresa May’s exit deal – and rejected it again. This time with 344 to 286 votes. Because parliament speaker John Bercow with reference to a rule from the year 1604 "SUBSTANTIAL CHANGES" had demanded before the deal was presented a third time, May had removed the accompanying supplementary statement.


Spain now also drags puigdemont’s lawyer to court

spain now drags puigdemont's lawyer to court as well

Image Gonzalo Boye: Òmnium Cultural / CC-BY-SA-2.0 / Image Carles Puigdemont: Generalitat de Catalunya / Public Domain

Gonzalo Boye, successful in defending the Catalan exiled president on the international stage, is suddenly alleged to be "Money laundering" in drug trafficking

Is it a coincidence that just before upcoming decisions about the possible extradition of Carles Puigdemont from Belgium to Spain, his Spanish lawyer is being covered with an indictment? At any rate, at the National Court of Justice in Madrid, Judge MarIa Tardon is now suing the lawyer Gonzalo Boye for "Money laundering" within a criminal organization.


Sarrazin serves crude race doctrine

It may be that Sarrazin and Co. put the finger on a wound, but they themselves create a new-old wound – racism and suicidal cultural stagnation

Is Sarrazin, an SPD member and board member of the Bundesbank, merely putting his finger on the wound with his primarily anti-Muslim rhetoric, or is he an arsonist who makes resentment popular and legitimate?? Such questions are hardly clear without contradiction, because here it is not primarily a matter of facts, but of interpretation, i.e. speculation that strengthens or contradicts opinions. In any case, Bild has found in Sarrazin a good candidate to stir up the topic of anti-Islamism, although the newspaper may not care which way the level will swing. One is always already there.

The SPD is gradually becoming embarrassed by its member who has been shunted off to the board of the Bundesbank, although it is or was well blessed with difficult candidates from Clement to Schily or Riester to Schroder. Sarrazin, who together with the Bild-Zeitung published his book "Germany abolishes itself", not only serves cliched xenophobic resentments, which have now changed from anti-Semitism to anti-Islamism, but also argues on a non-scientific level of Nazi racial doctrine. So, in all seriousness, he thinks that Muslim immigrants are genetically dumber – "educationally distant" – which is why they have not been able to integrate. Intelligence, according to the professional politician, is inherited between 50 and 80 percent.


Poland – a country in a state of emergency

The plane carrying the Polish president and representatives of the political and military elite crashed in Smolensk during a flight to the Katyn memorial site

At 6.50 o’clock yesterday the plane of the Polish president with a total of 88 passengers and six crew members on board took off for Smolensk. In the morning, a memorial service for the Polish soldiers murdered by the NKVD in the spring of 1940 was to take place at the Katyn memorial site, only a few kilometers from Smolensk. As every year, relatives of the victims and representatives of the Polish state were to take part, including President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria. The Katyn victims link at www.our site/tp/blogs/8/147397 Vladimir Putin and his Polish counterpart Donald Tusk already attended the memorial service on Wednesday, but since Kaczynski did not receive an invitation from Moscow and did not insist on attending for diplomatic reasons, he concentrated on the event planned for yesterday, Saturday.

But the relatives of the victims, who were already present in Katyn, waited in vain for the head of state. At 8.56 o’clock local time link on www.our site/tp/blogs/8/147408. All 96 people on board died in the accident.


Electricity storage variants

Electricity storage variants

Image: TP

Volatile, renewable energy sources are increasingly feeding into the power grid. Can electricity be stored for times of shortage?? There is no one answer, but a bundle of possibilities.

The public power supply has been struggling for several years with the fact that the number of feeders has multiplied and the electricity demand of private end customers is increasingly shifting. While for many decades the peak demand was at midday, when cooking was done up and down the country, changing habits mean that cooking is now more likely to be done in the evening, when electricity from photovoltaic systems, which could well cover the midday peak, is only available to a limited extent.


Ou ignored collateral damage of lockdowns

Uber die ignorierten kollateralschaden von lockdowns

Measures against the pandemic must be weighed against the negative consequences – which is not done enough. For example, with regard to acute diseases, minors and addictive behavior. (Part 2)

From 16. December, governments ied a "hard lockdown" which will initially apply until 10 January. January shall apply. In a series of three articles, the scientific rationale is explored in more detail. The first article addresses the lack of scientific evidence for the effectiveness of lockdowns. The second article describes the collateral damage of lockdowns, which has been ignored in professional society and government statements and which is now supported by numerous studies. In the third article, a critical discussion of the corona case figures published by the Robert Koch Institute sheds light on the extent to which fear in the rough order conveyed by governments, the media and some scientists is really justified.

Part 1: on the lack of scientific evidence for efficacy It follows: Part 3: Why we don’t actually need to have extreme fears


From the ussr to the eurasian economic union

Russia: Hoping for the "World of Equals" – Part 1

Here the historian and conflict researcher Kurt Gritsch will describe in three successive articles impressions from Moscow, which he recently gained while participating in the International Summer School (30.8.-6.9.2015) has gained. This was under the motto "The Russian Federation: Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow" (The Russian Foderation yesterday, today and tomorrow). The special thing about it was the possibility to get to know the point of view of Russian experts and to have a look behind the scenes. The main topics of discussion were the economic transformation from the USSR to the Eurasian Economic Union, the Russian political system and Russian foreign and security policy. An article is devoted to each of these three parts. The beginning is a look at the economic transformation of Russia.

Russia is a riddle within a mystery, surrounded by a mystery.