Russia’s double message

Russia's double message

Military band in Gorky Park. Image: U. Heyden

Russia demonstrated military strength in Red Square. After that 300.000 citizens took part in a commemorative march for Russian war veterans and the fallen

In Moscow today, after a military parade on the Red Square 300.000 citizens took part in a commemorative march. They carried rough posters with the portraits of their father, mother, rough father and rough mother, which were displayed at the "Rough Patriotic War" teilgenommen haben. 27 Millionen Burger der Sowjetunion starben im Zweiten Weltkrieg, der von Deutschland als Vernichtungskrieg gefuhrt wurde. The memorial march started at the Weibrussian train station. Vladimir Putin joined the march in Red Square. Putin hielt dabei ein Plakat seines Vaters Wladimir in der Hand.


Why does syria only have to disarm its chemical weapons??

Why does syria only have to disarm its chemical weapons?

U.S. Auben Secretary Kerry and his counterpart Lavrov in Geneva on Saturday after reaching an agreement to. Image:

Russia also sees the Syria agreement as a nod to Israel, which is not a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or the Chemical or Biological Weapons Convention

On Russia’s initiative, the U.S. government has joined in, with France and Great Britain becoming bystanders. It was agreed that Syria’s chemical weapons would be placed under international control and destroyed next year. This is to be backed up by a UN Security Council resolution that includes sanctions if the Assad regime does not play ball (the threat of a US military strike remains).


Ukraine: ban on propaganda of soviet symbols

President Poroshenko signs legislation to "Decommunization", condemnation of Nazism and status of resistance fighters

Ukrainian President Poroshenko yesterday signed into law laws that, according to the news service Ukrinform, condemn the rule of the "condemn the communist and Nazi regimes in Ukraine" and criminalize the dissemination of their symbols.

Poroshenko signed into law a total of four laws that had already been passed on 9.April were adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev. The fact that they provide further fuel for tensions in the country is unmistakable.