What did the bnd know?

The Malpasset dam is believed to have been blown up by the FLN, causing 400 casualties

In 2010, almost three years ago, political scientist Matthias Ritzi published his doctoral dissertation at the Institute for Political Science at the University of Innsbruck with the thesis "Richard Christmann: Intelligence conflicts between Germany and France in the years 1936 to 1961".

In it, Matthias Ritzi informed that the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) was informed by its resident in Tunis, Richard Christmann, about planned attacks by the Algerian "National Liberation Front" (Front de Liberation Nationale, FLN) against oil installations and also against dams in France was informed in advance. In 2011, Ritzi and Erich Schmidt-Eenboom published the book based on the dissertation: "In the Shadow of the Third Reich – The BND and its Agent Richard Christmann." This book was u.a. discussed in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and in Neues Deutschland with a focus on the Algerian war. In Telepolis appeared a multi-page review The secret agent for special tasks, in which it also heibt:


Classified matter amri

Classified matter amri

Breitscheidplatz in the evening after the attack on 19.December 2016. Photo: Photo: Andreas Trojak / CC BY 2.0

The alleged perpetrator of the Breitscheidplatz attack is said to have repeatedly denied involvement in the crime – The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office has blocked the documents

The Tunisian Anis Amri, who is officially considered to be the assassin of Breitscheidplatz in Berlin, has apparently denied several times after the attack to acquaintances and friends that he had anything to do with the act. A first indication of this can be found in the interrogation documents of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), uber den Telepolis im Dezember 2020 berichtet hat (Anis Amri: "I have nothing to do with this matter. Help me!!!").


Uben for the war in iraq

Wartainment: computer games for war and recruitment

The USA is at war according to President Bush. The has with "Enduring Freedom" and the attack on Afghanistan and should continue to be directed against all terrorist organizations and countries, such as Iraq, that could support or even possibly help terrorists. For the "Enduring War" soldiers are necessary against terrorism and the new strategy of first strike and securing military superiority. Therefore, the army has already taken the first step and released a computer game to advertise, in which operations of special forces can be practiced after training. The Future Belongs to Wartainment.

exercises for the war in iraq

Screenshot from Conflict Desert Storm


Change before obama arrives?

The ACTA treaty is intended to create copyright changes that are difficult to revise

A new international treaty is currently being worked on in secret. In addition to the USA and the EU Commission, representatives of Japan and Canada are also said to be involved in the negotiations. EU parliamentarians have not yet been involved, but have learned about the project – if at all – from the press. Nevertheless, a discussion basis that appeared in Wikileaks but remained unconfirmed was used for a "Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement" (ACTA) have considerable effects.

According to paragraph 3 of the paper, for example, copyright infringement without intent to enrich should be subject to mandatory criminal sanctions – a clause that has now come to be known as the "Pirate Bay killer" is known. Internet providers are to be held liable if they do not follow through on blocking requests quickly enough – a practice that has already led to the U.S. DMCA, with many providers not following through on blocking requests at all, but blocking immediately – even if (as trials proved) they come with an absurd accusation from a Hotmail address.


Quadropolitan with 19 or so

Peter Plichtas "God’s secret formula. The Decipherment of the World Council and the Primality Code."

Notwithstanding all this, the mode of the cogito interruptus is a crude prophetic, poetic and psychagogic technique. Just not one that can be discussed.

I once wrote a movie script. It was titled "The hole in the Andes" and the short plot can be summarized as follows: Scientists discover in said high mountains a hole, which leads crosswise through the earth. While trying to investigate the hole, a member of the team falls into it, turns into a zombie due to the high speed and the heat, is thrown into the earth orbit on the other side of the world and attacks spaceships there. The film was never realized. Besides, I ask myself until today against how many physical laws I have violated on these few pages of text. But actually it does not matter. After all, I was only nine years old and it was a lined exercise book.


Superstorm with frosty message

"The Day After Tomorrow" – We learn: The catastrophe welds the people together

It’s Emmerich time again: After "Independence Day", "The Patriot" (No error, but ideology) and "Godzilla" now The Day After Tomorrow comes into the cinema. The $132 million disaster thriller shows a world that will soon freeze over as a result of global warming caused by the drifting of the North Atlantic current – a scenario that is still being seriously discussed by climate researchers "Worst Case Scenario", which is being seriously discussed by climate researchers (hot summers and floods). So this time, after Emmerich has been criticized by many in the past as a chauvinist-reactionary super-patriot, it’s all about a supposedly left-wing, ocological message and criticism of the U.S. government: "I have always seen myself more in the left-liberal spectrum", Emmerich says. Beyond new thoughtfulness, however, it is, as always with Emmerich, above all about gigantic, preferably unseen images, wild special effects, pure spectacle cinema: superstorms swirl over large cities, storm tides flood skyscrapers, people are shock-frozen.

Flocks of birds over New York. Image: 20th Century Fox


Classified lockerbie

If the case of the attack on Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie is renegotiated, the solution will probably lie in Germany

In essence, it is about the question of what the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) knows about the real background, how and why the Boeing 747 was flown down on 21 September.12.1988 over the Scottish village of Lockerbie exploded. All 259 passengers of the "Maid of the Seas" as well as eleven villagers died in the attack.

Did a Toshiba radio alarm clock cause death?? Then the bomb maker would have been an undercover agent of the BND. Marwan Abdel Razzaq Mufdi Khreesat is said to have been a bomb expert, but more importantly, an undercover agent for Jordan’s State Security Service, working closely with the CIA. But above all, according to the former agent of the Federal Intelligence Service Wilhelm Dietl in his book "Die BKA-Story", Khreesat had been placed as an undercover agent by the Jordanians at the BND – more precisely at the department 16 C.


Parforce in budapest, hasenfubigkeit in vienna?

Dealing with double statehoods

Edit(h) Miklos is a Romanian citizen. As a member of the Transylvanian minority of the Szekler, she is an ethnic Magyar. And started in 2011 at the combination slalom in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the red-white-green tricolor colors of her fatherland Hungary. Why? The gifted skier was before the 41. Alpine skiing world championship changed from Romanian to Hungarian national team.

At the end of 2010, as a Romanian citizen, she had also acquired Hungarian citizenship. It was granted after Viktor Orban’s national conservative government, which has been in office since the parliamentary elections in spring 2010, made it possible for all Magyars who (have to) live outside of Hungary. Of these, more than 600.000 members of the Hungarian ethnic groups living in Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia have made use of the. These are the descendants of those Magyars who, after the amputation of two-thirds of the former Hungarian territory enforced by the Treaty of Trianon (1920), suddenly found themselves in other, partly newly created nation-states.


“Independence is not the only solution”

Puigdemont at the press conference. Screenshot: TP

Carles Puigdemont calls on Madrid government to accept international mediation in Catalonia conflict

Less than a day after his detention in Neumunster, the head of the Catalan regional government, deposed by the Spanish central government, held a press conference in Berlin, where he answered questions in Catalan, English and Spanish. Among other things, he announced that he would comply with the conditions of release from prison and would remain in Germany until the end of the trial. Only after that he wants to return to his original Belgian destination.


Square bonsai cats in a do-it-yourself kit

Hoax upsets animal users

Bonsai trees are already known, but what are the bonsai cats that roam the Internet and call the animal users on the plan? The production is described in detail on the homepage of Bonsaikitten. If you then ensure regular rectal feeding and the disposal of fakalien, you get a cute square cat after a few weeks – promise at least the website operators. What is to be recognized already at first sight as satire, nevertheless excites the tempers of many users and above all the animal users. At the same time, any website visitor should immediately debunk the hoax of a picture with a baby and a Mac cube. Nevertheless allegedly even the FBI investigates in the meantime against the operators.

Square bonsai cats in self-assembly set

"While surfing, I came across an internet site, which in my opinion is a case for the animal protection society. The site is called: Until now I have never heard of the so-called bonsai cats. But what I have seen there broke me as a "Mommy cat" almost the heart. They put the little ones in a much too small jar to influence the growth. In this they are stuck then up to a week or longer!!! There are 2 hole punchers in the glass. With one they get air, food and water and with the other they can do their business. That someone can watch this is incomprehensible to me. …" (Source: Forum post)