Koln-bonn region becomes bioinformatics center

Kolner enzyme database to be made available to researchers worldwide via the Internet

Six bioinformatics centers nationwide are to be expanded over the next five years, with a total of up to 100 million marks in funding requested. Koln will play a special role. Here, an enzyme database is being created that researchers worldwide will later be able to click into via the Internet

As the mother science of all academic disciplines, philosophy has in the course of its history released many sciences from their thrust. At the same time "Children", that she once brought into the world, meanwhile long since grown up herself. They also currently enjoy a coarse offspring.


Will germany emerge as a winner from the pandemic??

Will germany emerge as a winner from the pandemic?

Some pay Germany among the rough winners of the Corona crisis

Not quite as bad as feared. Current assessments of the state of the German economy could thus be condensed. The economy will continue to grow despite the Corona decreases, the Ministry of Economics ames. Representatives of many large companies even indicate that they will emerge stronger from the Corona crisis.

According to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI), Germany’s economic output has reached almost 96 percent of its pre-crisis level. The recovery had continued through October, though slowed since August by the pandemic. Due to the new Corona restrictions, the economy in November, especially by the restriction of the "Consumption possibilities", A "Steamship".


Stronger carbon dioxide pollution due to the golden autumn

The vegetation period, extended by the climate warming, burdens the earth’s atmosphere with additional CO2 emissions

Nature seems to be taking good care of us: Half of the carbon dioxide that we blow into the atmosphere every year to influence the climate is voluntarily taken back by nature. It uses the photosynthesis of its flora, which converts the carbon compound into biomass. Interestingly, the 50 percent mark has remained stable in recent years despite rising man-made emissions – which means that the earth must have increased its absorption capacity as well.

But how long will this trend last?? The researchers’ hopes rested in particular on the question of how longer vegetation periods could increase the buildup of biomass. If spring comes earlier and earlier, won’t the plants have more time to take care of our emissions?? Unfortunately, recent measurements of the seasonally changing CO2 content of the atmosphere, published by an international team of researchers in the journal Nature, show the opposite to be true.


Changed boron climate

Sustainability and boron value sound like a contradiction in terms. And indeed: Sustainable companies seldom have an easy time in securities trading

It’s like wine. If organic farming is written on the bottle, consumers give it a wide berth on the shelf because they fear – often wrongly – a sour drop. As a result, many winemakers do not use the oko label, even if their wine is organically grown. Even on the stock exchange, sustainable economic models do not always have it easy. The securities market rewards sustainability only in exceptional cases. At best, companies with a decidedly sustainable orientation, such as wind or solar power companies, can score points with this.

To all others, experts recommend: better not to go to the stock exchange in the first place. The reason is that investors and analysts want to read good news in the quarterly report that every listed stock corporation has to submit. Sales, expenses and profits should lead to climbing shares and rich dividends. This is usually accompanied by rationalization, restructuring and staff reductions: the opposite of sustainability. The nervous quarterly report stands in the way of long-term growth targets, because they do not appear in it.